What We Do

The attorneys at Ahdoot & Wolfson, PC represent clients in a wide variety of litigation matters in California, New York, and throughout the United States, including claims involving class actions, employment law, consumer protection, complex business matters, and catastrophic personal injury.  Ahdoot & Wolfson provides experienced representation for employee and consumer class actions as well.  A listing of our practice areas is provided below.  To learn more about our attorneys, see who we are.  For additional information and helpful links, visit our news & resources page.

Class Actions

At Ahdoot & Wolfson, our class action practice has achieved settlements and judgments amounting to hundreds of millions of dollars, with a substantial portion of these funds distributed to local and national charitable organizations.  To learn more about our history of success in class action litigation, see what we’ve done and how we’re giving back.  Our attorneys have extensive experience as class counsel for employment class actions arising from wage and hour disputes.  In addition, Ahdoot & Wolfson has served as class counsel in numerous class actions arising from consumer fraud and privacy violations.  We help plaintiffs and others similarly situated, often as a nationwide class, in pursuit of civil remedies against large corporations who have engaged in misleading or deceptive advertising.

Ahdoot & Wolfson also assists individuals that are victims of invasions of privacy, including the public disclosure of private personal information.  Many of these privacy claims involve internet publication of individuals’ confidential financial or medical information, including social security numbers and other identifying information that can lead to identity theft and fraud.  Our attorneys have additional experience pursuing antitrust actions against businesses for interference with contractual relationships and price fixing.

To learn more about this integral area of our legal practice, visit our class action page.

Employment Law

At Ahdoot & Wolfson, we are devoted to assisting workers in employment litigation matters.  Our attorneys have exceptional knowledge and experience representing workers in claims against their employers arising from a variety of wrongful conduct, including but not limited to:

  • Workplace discrimination and harassment
  • Wrongful termination
  • Retaliation
  • Wage and hour disputes

Employers may be civilly liable for discriminatory conduct based on a worker’s race, national origin, age, gender, or disability.  An employer may be liable to the adversely affected employee for creating or permitting a hostile work environment, including instances of sexual harassment or racial harassment.  Female employees’ rights can be violated by mistreatment due to a pregnancy, or a wrongful termination in violation of the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA).  Our attorneys have extensive experience representing workers against employers that have engaged in or permitted this unacceptable conduct.

Ahdoot & Wolfson also has extensive experience representing plaintiffs and other employees similarly situated in wage and hour class actions.  These class actions enable individual employees to collectively pursue claims against a large corporate employer.  We also aid employees with retaliation claims, often arising when an employee is terminated after engaging in protected activity.  Our attorneys have experience with whistleblower claims as well, which typically involve a wrongful termination resulting from the employee reporting an employer’s unlawful business practice.

For more information regarding the Ahdoot & Wolfson employment law practice, visit our employment law page.

Consumer Protection

As an individual consumer, many potential plaintiffs are at an extreme disadvantage when their rights have been violated by a large, powerful corporation.  Ahdoot & Wolfson protects the rights of consumers by aggressively pursuing claims against corporate defendants that have violated consumers’ privacy rights or engaged in deceptive business practices.  Based in California, our consumer protection extends across the entire nation, as our attorneys regularly represent plaintiffs serving as class representatives for nationwide class actions.

Consumer claims often arise from misleading or deceptive advertising, when a corporate manufacturer or retailer guarantees a product quality or service that is not fulfilled or makes unsubstantiated, erroneous claims or scientific conclusions about their products that induce consumer purchases.  The attorneys at Ahdoot & Wolfson also represent plaintiffs and pursue class actions stemming from an invasion of privacy.  With the growing prevalence of the Internet in every aspect of personal and professional life, a company’s disclosure of confidential personal information to third parties without the individual’s authorization can give rise to a consumer protection action.  Safeguarding privacy on the Internet is a continual battle with companies that often seek to exploit personal data for profit, along with the ever-present threat of identity theft.  Our attorneys have the knowledge and experience to fight corporate entities responsible for violating consumer privacy rights.

To learn more about our consumer law practice, visit our consumer protection page.

Complex Business Litigation

Ahdoot & Wolfson has decades of experience at all levels of complex litigation, from informal resolution through settlement negotiation and alternative dispute resolution, to dedicated advocacy at the trial and appellate level.  Our attorneys are prepared and equipped to handle even the most complex litigation matters in commercial settings, including but not limited to disputes arising between businesses, conflicts regarding real estate contracts, as well as complex litigation involving antitrust and insurance fraud claims.  Ahdoot & Wolfson has the resources and experience to pursue complex business litigation on a contingency basis, seeking efficient and innovative solutions that best serve the interests of our clients.  We also pursue claims against entities violating the False Claims Act.

For more information about this practice area, visit our complex business litigation page.

Catastrophic Personal Injury

Our attorneys have extensive litigation experience involving catastrophic personal injuries.  We can help clients who have suffered extreme and traumatic injuries, including but not limited to brain and spinal cord injuries, severe burns, injuries causing blindness or deafness, and injuries resulting from severe falls or being crushed.  Personal injuries of this catastrophic nature often result in six-figure medical bills, as well as long-term pain and suffering by the victim and his or her family members.  Ahdoot & Wolfson assists these victims in recovering medical expenses and all associated economic and emotional damages from the person or persons whose negligence or reckless behavior caused the injuries.  Our litigation experience and personal injury knowledge is matched by our compassion and commitment to restoring our clients’ lives.

For more information about how we assist catastrophic injury victims, visit our catastrophic personal injury page.

Seek Experienced Legal Representation

If you or your business needs an attorney with employment law, consumer law, catastrophic personal injury, or complex business litigation experience, the attorneys at Ahdoot & Wolfson can help you pursue the legal remedies you deserve.  Contact Ahdoot & Wolfson today for a free initial consultation to determine the legal rights and remedies available to you.  We have the resources to finance your complex litigation matter on a contingency basis, with no costs or attorneys’ fees until recovery.