Stop Corporations From Taking Away Your Legal Rights! Sign The Petition To Stop Forced Arbitration Today.

Many consumers are unaware of the growing corporate takeover of the American legal system by large-scale implementation of arbitration clauses in customer, employee, investor, and patient agreements. Even if you fail to read the fine print when you sign these documents, what you’ve signed away is your right to utilize the courts to resolve disputes against these large, powerful entities. In addition, many of these arbitration clauses contain class action waivers, so that any claim you seek to arbitrate must be done on an individual basis. Such a restriction renders many legal grievances against corporations uneconomical, as our power in numbers is nullified by signing these agreements. These clauses provide corporations with a “get out of jail free” card when it comes to defrauding their customers. If you are tired of corporations taking advantage of you with forced arbitration clauses, fight back by signing this petition to Congress. Together, we can raise awareness about the devastating impact of forced arbitration and promote the preservation of consumer rights.