What We Can Do for You

At Ahdoot & Wolfson, PC, we are determined to achieve the litigation results our clients need to restore their personal and professional lives.  We assist clients throughout the United States in a wide variety of litigation matters.

Protecting Employee Rights

The Ahdoot & Wolfson employment law practice offers comprehensive representation for workers, including but not limited to wrongful termination, workplace discrimination and harassment, whistleblower, and retaliation claims.  We can help you with your employment claim, whether you were fired in bad faith or retaliated against for asserting your constitutional rights.  Our attorneys help workers fight back against unfair employer practices, from individual claims of harassment to nationwide class actions against large corporate employers.

Exposing Consumer Fraud

At Ahdoot & Wolfson, our distinguished reputation as an exceptional class action plaintiffs’ firm stems largely from our success in consumer class actions.  Our attorneys are always on the cutting edge of consumer protection issues, pursuing claims against some of the nation’s largest corporate entities.  We can help you fight for your privacy rights in an Internet era where many companies are accessing and using personal and financial data without authorization, and we can also provide experienced representation for victims of misleading and deceptive advertising.

Complex Business Litigation

Ahdoot & Wolfson has the knowledge, resources, and experience to take on complex commercial litigation, from shareholder disputes to real estate contract enforcement.  Our business litigation practice offers innovative and committed dispute resolution.  Our attorneys have a keen ability to obtain the settlements our clients deserve, backed by a track record of trial and appellate excellence.  Should a client’s dispute reach the courtroom, Ahdoot & Wolfson provides aggressive and skilled trial advocacy.  We can help you and your business resolve your legal dispute efficiently and effectively.

Assisting Catastrophic Injury Victims

The Ahdoot & Wolfson personal injury practice aids victims with catastrophic injuries, including brain and spinal injuries, severe burns, injuries resulting in loss of vision or hearing, and traumatic injuries resulting from severe falls or crushing accidents.  Our attorneys offer a compassionate, innovative approach to litigating your personal injury claim and obtaining the compensation you deserve.  We can help you recover the medical expenses, lost wages, and emotional damages associated with your injury, enabling you and your family to regain financial stability and obtain justice.

Ahdoot & Wolfson Can Help You Prevail

If you or your business is in need of experienced, trustworthy representation, the attorneys at Ahdoot & Wolfson have the credentials and client commitment you seek.  Contact Ahdoot & Wolfson today for a free consultation with one of our experienced attorneys.  At Ahdoot & Wolfson, we routinely litigate complex cases on a contingency basis and have the resources to finance litigation costs.  If no recovery is obtained via settlement or judgment, we do not charge attorneys’ fees.